Sports in Greece

   On a beach or on a mountain, it does not matter, Greece is one of the most offering places to sports enthusiasts. You can do a variaty of sports here like running, trekking, sea cliff trekking, climbing, biking, swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing depending on your taste. 
   We will be presenting just a very small part of the sport potential that Greece has, so keep your mind open to anything you would like to do, as you most surely can do it here.

Sea Cliff Trekking

   Not recognized as a sport per se. I personally named it Sea Cliff Trekking (SCT) as this activity involves trekking along the seaside, on the rocks of the cliff. It can also involve some climbing skills up to a certain level on certain traverses making it comparable with simple deep-water solo but rather than going up, you traverse portions of the cliff.
   Most of the time it is fun and exciting, but be aware of the risks. Slipping, injuring yourself on the rock, cuts and scratches are most often encountered. Scrapping your skin is very likely to happen due to the sandpaper 
effect of the rock. In certain circumstances, it can be fatal, so please be aware of what you are doing and do not attempt it if you’re not physically or mentally prepared.

   Gear: Climbing shoes (mandatory), small backpack with a bottle of water and your mobile in a sealed plastic bag (optional but recommended). 
   Any gear that you take, you must be aware that you’ll most likely get it wet. You will encounter areas where you'll have to cross through water. Your mobile is for emergency situations, but be sure to place it in a sealed plastic bag as not to get it wet in the event of a fall and/or water traverse.
   WARNING: Do not go in slippers, sandals, boots, snickers, water shoes. The risk of a sprained ankle is high due to terrain irregularity and/or you risk any other joint injury.  Climbing shoes have a very adherent surface, thick sole that will prevent getting stung by sea urchins or cut by sharp rocks, and come into a very tight contact with your feet leaving no room for unwanted foot movement.

Portokali Beach 
   Mega Portokali Beach is the perfect place for Sea Cliff Trekking. The following video gives a quick view on how you can tackle SCT here.​​
What to KNOW
  • Long route - can take up to 2 hours one way, 4 hours total

  • Medium in difficulty with high difficulty steps along the route

  • Good adherent stone, not brittle

  • Hidden small beaches on route
  • Before 10:00 AM or after 6:00 PM recommended time to trek
Where to FIND IT
Orange Beach 

   Orange Beach is an amazing place for Sea Cliff Trekking. Just watch the short video.

What to KNOW
  • Short route - on the right of Orange Beach the route begins and it takes about 30 min to another big beach that is private and full with autocaravans. Worth visiting

  • Easy in difficulty, with some exposed sections

  • Good adherent stone, not brittle​
  • Before 10:00 AM or after 6:00 PM recommended time to trek
Where to FIND IT